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After three years of marriage, we started talking about children. We had the room in our home and hearts for a child, yet we did not have a specific desire to attempt to have biological children. At the same time, we became aware of the increasing need for foster parents in the Central Texas area. After information sessions, lots of training, home inspections, and signatures, we were finally “approved” as foster parents. Within a few weeks we had our first child, an almost 3-year old girl who lived with us for 4 months. During these months we learned a lot about parenting and ourselves, but most importantly, to expect the unexpected.

After we tearfully said goodbye to “our” little girl, we decided that we would take a break from foster care and change our “preferences” to only infants since we felt a bit overwhelmed with our first child. The thought being with more restrictions, we would have a nice long wait period before our next placement. That plan backfired when we received a call about a month later for a 9-month old little boy who needed a home in the next couple of hours. We thought about it for a few minutes and then called back saying yes because we knew when we embarked on this journey we wanted to be all in. Two hours later we were parents again, this time to the cutest little guy we had ever seen.

Throughout our time fostering the little guy, it was becoming clearer that having him reunited with his biological family was not going to be in his best interest. After a year in our home, the case was still unresolved and heading to court. We knew that The State favored him staying with us, but we were unsure about the strength of their case against the family. Since he was in our home for over a year, we had the option of legally intervening in the case. This was a hard decision for us for multiple reasons. One of the most significant issues was the cost. To legally intervene was going to cost us about half of our yearly income, something we didn’t have just lying around. After talking to friends and family we trusted, we decided to take a leap of faith and retain attorneys to legally insert ourselves into the case. Within a couple of weeks, we were able to utilize an online tool to collect donations to offset our legal costs. And by the time the trial started we had raised nearly half the amount needed! We were able to come up with the remaining funds by draining our savings and a family loan. Throughout this period we were constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family, acquaintances, strangers and even businesses such as French Inspired Floral. It was amazing to see others sharing in the financial burden of advocating for this sweet little boy. As we were emotionally stretched during this time, it was a huge blessing to have this support.

As a result of intervening in the case, and an intense but short time in court, The State awarded us custody. A month later we were able to finalize our son’s adoption. This day was shared by many friends and family members and was full of joy. Although our son might not have realized the significance of that day, it was clear that all in attendance did. As we look back to the evening we met our son up to now, we would have never guessed things would have gone the way they did. The means by which a community of people rallied around this little boy was constant confirmation that we were making the right choices as we advocated for him. We will forever remember those that came alongside our family as we fought to protect him and provide a safe and loving home for him. They say it takes a village to raise a child. This statement has never been more poignant than through our adoption story.


…Blooming Soon!

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The heart behind this business and a portion of monies earned is committed to Adoption and Orphan Care here in the Austin area and abroad. In the near future I hope to be able to share the good stories about children finding the forever families and homes that God has planned for them. Keep checking in!